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Kobe PR Ambassadors

When you think of Kobe, is the first thing that comes to mind the world famous Kobe Beef?

Or is it the baseball player, Kobe Bryant?

A lot of people around the world don’t know that Kobe is actually a thriving, dynamic, and achingly beautiful city in Japan, just next to its bigger and more famous neighbour, Osaka.


They don’t know that Kobe has mountains and sea so close by that you can go hiking and have dinner by the waterfront on the same day. They don’t know that the people of Kobe suffered tragedy, but stood up again after the devastating earthquake in 1995, and built a city that was even more stunning than the one they lost. And they don’t know that Kobe is home to a big Buddha, a huge robot, a tunnel where you can watch live music, and is even the birthplace of karaoke. The Kobe PR Ambassadors want to change that.


We love Kobe. We love exploring, discovering, and enjoying everything that it has to offer, from events and nature to shopping and cafes. We live, work, and study in Kobe, and show you the beauty, the secrets, and the life of the city as we live it.


[Featured photo: Melody Tai]

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