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Sumadera Temple Tea Ceremony

Since 1981, visitors to the Sumadera Temple Tea Ceremony have been amazed by the beautiful grounds, impressed by the heartwarming hospitality, and delighted to find an amazing hidden gem in Suma, a place known best for its beach.

Just one day after being appointed, on Saturday 29th April, 10 Kobe PR Ambassadors took up an invitation to take part. Read and see the Kobe PR Ambassadors’ experiences of this beautiful tradition below.

Visit Sumadera Temple yourself: Open 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m (June–September until 6 p.m.), free entry. 12 minutes’ walk north from JR Suma, 5 minutes’ walk north from Sanyo/Hanshin/Hankyu Sumadera Station.

Find out more in English about the beautiful temple, including its history and how to get there, here. All the details about the Tea Ceremony, which this year was held for the 36th time, are in Japanese here.



[Featured photo courtesy of Paramjeet Singhprasong]

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