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Historical Figures Parade

This year marks the 150th Anniversary of the opening of the Port of Kobe, and to celebrate, a special event was back for the first time in 17 years for one day only on Friday 19th May 2017!

Tens of people of Kobe dressed up in the Historical Figures Parade as famous figures who shaped Kobe throughout the years, and Kobe PR Ambassadors Jose, Kristi and Sam donned costumes to play the roles of Eliza Talcott, Makar Goncharoff and John Cutting Berry.

The Kobe PR Ambassadors were enjoying being with the other participants before the parade even began in the changing and waiting rooms.


Kristi, or Eliza Talcott with the founder of Donq bakery, Genjiro Fujii


The waiting area was a fun mix of old and …even older Kobe VIPs

Kristi played Eliza Talcott (1836-1911), a missionary from the USA who founded the Kobe Home boarding school, precursor to the current day Kobe College.

Sam took on the role of Makar Goncharoff (birth and death years unknown), founder of the eponymous confectionery company in 1923 whose head office remains in Nada Ward to this day.

And Jose donned the gown and stethoscope of John Cutting Berry (1847-1936), an American physician and missionary who established a clinic for the poor in front of Kobe’s Ikuta Shrine.


Discussing Kobe PR Ambassador tips and tricks in a history-bending scene

They certainly got into the spirit of the parade and were having fun waving to the crowds!


The procession lasted for over an hour, and the sixty characters paraded from Motomachi 6-chome through Motomachi shopping street and up to Flower Road through Centergai. It was a fantastic opportunity to reflect on how much Kobe has changed since these men and women walked the same area in their day!

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