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Celebrating the Kobe Port 150th Anniversary

Throughout the whole of 2017, events are being held to mark the 150th anniversary of the opening of the Port of Kobe. The celebrations are reaching a climax in July, with Marine Day being celebrated in style- impressive sailing ships from around Japan, and from Korea and Russia came to add flair to the occasion. The Kobe PR Ambassadors rode a ferry to meet the ships at sea on their way into port.

There are still many events planned and opportunities to enjoy the Kobe Port 150th Anniversary, so why not take this great chance to come to Kobe and enjoy everything the city has to offer?

Find out more about the #KobePort150 celebratory events here.

The first to sail in the parade was the Kaiwo Maru, one of the world’s longest sailing ships at 110m in length and measures over a stunning 50 metres in height.


The Kaiwo Maru. Photo courtesy of trainee sailor Mr. Ono

Behind it were the Koreana (from Korea), the Pallada (from Russia), and the Ami, Miraie, Nippon Maru and Kanrin Maru from Japan. Kobe PR Ambassador Natalia was particularly delighted to see the Pallada, which comes from her hometown of Vladivostok.


Sam and Pam photographing the parade

The PR Ambassadors learned about the ships taking part in the parade and life at sea from the trainee sailors on board. They were shocked to find out that they only have one uniform each, and keenly asked how they kept it so white!


Finding out first hand about life as a sailor

The Kobe PR Ambassadors then made their way back on land and saw the Kaiwo Maru and other ships from up close. The sense of scale was awe inspiring.


The Kaiwo Maru

To end the tour, the Kobe PR Ambassadors made their way to Meriken Park, where they learned about the statues there and took a photo with the new Instagram star, the BE KOBE statue. They found out that BE KOBE is a phrase created on the 20th anniversary of the 1995 Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, and is now a symbol of civic pride.


BE KOBE, a symbol of civic pride

There are still many events to enjoy at Meriken Park and all around the harbour. Find one you are interested in and join in the celebrations!

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  1. tali_yu says

    Great article!
    Thank you for mentioning the Pallada. The next evening I even saw several Russian sailors, but I guess local girls were so delighted to see them, that I even didn’t have a chance to say Hi😄

    The tour was great and we learnt a lot. Thanks to everyone who organized this event 😊

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