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A day of Art, History and Sake in Kobe

The Port City Kobe Art Festival, held from September 16 to October 15 2017, has a fun twist- the many outdoor installations can be viewed on a cruise, and some can only be seen onboard.

Kobe port city art festival poem

Interactive art on the cruise, overlapping poems about Kobe with the backdrop

The surprise performance on the ship involves a fun audience participation aspect- should you wish to take part, that is!

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The Port City Kobe Art Festival offers a unique way to enjoy the port from the sea, with an added arty flavour that you can’t usually get with a regular cruise, and was the first stop on the Kobe PR Ambassador tour on September 30th.

Next, the PR Ambassadors took a tour guided by Mr. Shikata- one of the only 21 people who have passed the Kobe Knowledge exam’s most difficult “Advanced” level in the ten years the exam was held!

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He told them about the history of Meriken Park, the stories behind the many monuments located there, the creation of the Old Foreign Settlement, the history behind Sannomiya Shrine, and finished near Higashi Yuenchi Park with explanations of areas there. Once finding out that Mr. Shikata was an expert on not only Chuo Ward but the whole city, the PR Ambassadors were keen to test his knowledge with questions not only about the places visited on the tour, but their own local areas as well.

The last stop of the day was Higashi Yuenchi Park, where the Sake and Food Festival was being held.

October 1st is National Sake Day in Japan, and the two-day event was timed to coincide with the National Kampai (Cheers!) taking place on Sunday October 1st. The Kobe PR Ambassadors tried many delicious local sakes, including Fukuju, which was served at a Nobel Prize Winners banquet.


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