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Dragnet fishing

Kobe is a city of gourmet, but one often overlooked aspect of this reputation lies in its seafood. The Kobe PR Ambassadors, along with other non-Japanese residents of Kobe, had a special chance to go dragnet fishing on the Suma coast and take home some just-caught fish. You don’t get fresher than that!


Bringing in the net


Pulling in the net

Not just fish but also crustaceans and octopuses were caught by the participants. The PR Ambassadors enjoyed interacting with the fish, and they were reminded of the journey from sea to plate.

A member of staff from Suma Aqualife Park explained the characteristics of some of the creatures caught, before they were divided up into bags and shared among everyone taking part.


Kobe PR Ambassador Natalia was chosen to feature in Kobe City’s promotional materials for Harvest Kobe, an initiative to show the many fresh fruits, agricultural and sea products that you can pick, catch and eat here.

On the 150th Anniversary of the opening of the Port of Kobe, the PR Ambassadors have promoted Kobe’s waters and their history. On this occasion they were able to connect with the sea on a personal level, and enjoyed a different perspective on the city’s Seto Inland Sea.


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