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4th tour PRA 2018, Autumn Leaves at Zuihoji Temple

You may have oft heard that Japan has four seasons. Of course many other countries do too, but the sudden (and oh-so-brief) burst of autumn splendor between the sweltering island summer and freezing dry winter is like an oasis of optical bliss. No wonder, then, that we would take our PR Ambassadors to see the fantastic fall foliage in one of the best autumnal sightseeing spots in Kobe: Zuihoji Park in the Arima Onsen hot springs area.

Thirteen of our ambassadors took many gorgeous photos of the stunning leaves in Zuihoji Park. They participated in an outdoor tea ceremony, in which they were able to enjoy delightful traditional Japanese snacks and learn the special way of turning the teacup before drinking the matcha green tea. The tea was suuuper bitter (no simple syrup or milk like you’d get at the coffee shop), but the intense sweetness of the confection paired well with it.

Our ambassadors also had the chance to take a photo together with geisha and interact with the locals while nibbling on oden and other winter stall food. Though to be honest, lovable local canine celebrity Tomi-kun became the center of attention and stole just about everyone’s hearts (and camera time <3).

Afterwards, they visited the Arima Toys & Automata Museum, which features multiple floors of elaborately handcrafted toys. In anticipation of Christmas, the museum was tastefully decorated in colorful lights and trees that gave the visit a more festive air.

To finish up the tour, we set our ambassadors loose on the town to explore more of the Arima area.

Check out the tour video below:

For more information:
Come admire the leaves in Zuihoji Park yourself!
Geisha Café (Japanese site only)
Visit the Arima Toys & Automata Museum and feel like a child again!

Some places to take an affordable dip:
Kin no Yu
Gin no Yu
Kanpo no Yu (Japanese site only)

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