Who are the Kobe PR Ambassadors?

The Kobe PR Ambassadors are non-Japanese people who live, work or study in Kobe with a passion for the city, who share their experiences and promote Kobe in English via social media and online.
PR Ambassadors are appointed by the Kobe City Government as volunteers for one year, during which time they deepen their knowledge and experience of Kobe through tours/events and newsletters, meet like-minded PR Ambassadors, and share their own Kobe with the world. Posts are shared on the Kobe PR Ambassadors official Facebook and Twitter accounts- hubs for all PR Ambassador activity.

25 people from 15 countries and regions have been appointed as Kobe PR Ambassadors for 2017-2018, with their term running from April 28th 2017 until March 31 2018. Find out more about them on the Meet the Kobe PR Ambassadors page.

Can I be a Kobe PR Ambassador?

Yes! Applications are now open for the 2018-2019 year. For full details and to apply, see this page. We look forward to receiving your application!