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Kobe PR Ambassadors

When you think of Kobe, is the first thing that comes to mind the world famous Kobe Beef?

Or is it the baseball player, Kobe Bryant?

A lot of people around the world don’t know that Kobe is actually a thriving, dynamic, and achingly beautiful city in Japan, just next to its bigger and more famous neighbour, Osaka.


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A Beginner’s Guide to Kobe Food Culture (& A Brief History for How It Got That Way)

When people first arrive in Kobe they commonly believe they’ll eat a lot of sushi and lose a lot of weight. Neither, it turns out, happens for most. Kobe has one of the most diverse, imaginative, and deletable food cultures in the world where both washoku (和食) (Japanese Cuisine) and yōshuku (洋食) (Foreign Cuisine) have been utterly mastered. You will become spoiled by the experience of dining in Kobe so badly that you may never want to return home again because they do so many things so well.

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Dragnet fishing

Kobe is a city of gourmet, but one often overlooked aspect of this reputation lies in its seafood. The Kobe PR Ambassadors, along with other non-Japanese residents of Kobe, had a special chance to go dragnet fishing on the Suma coast and take home some just-caught fish. You don’t get fresher than that!


Bringing in the net

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A day of Art, History and Sake in Kobe

The Port City Kobe Art Festival, held from September 16 to October 15 2017, has a fun twist- the many outdoor installations can be viewed on a cruise, and some can only be seen onboard.

Kobe port city art festival poem

Interactive art on the cruise, overlapping poems about Kobe with the backdrop

The surprise performance on the ship involves a fun audience participation aspect- should you wish to take part, that is!

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Top five things to do with kids in Kobe, Japan

Top 5 things to do with kids in Kobe (or just fun loving adults!)

Thinking about adding Kobe to your Japan trip itinerary? It’s worth a stop for the beef and a view of Japanese life outside of Kyoto and Tokyo. Here’s a quick synopsis of 5 things to do with your kids that will keep them engaged and having fun on your trip. If your kids are like mine, they are not interested in visiting more temples, shrines and museums!

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Kobe Grocery Shopping 

Living overseas has never been easier than in Kobe. Your ethnic lifestyle does not require the change you presume it needs. Kobe boasts of a vast number of nationalities living here who have made the city their home. Their daily customary wear, foods, places of prayer, and other such instinctive demands are met with Kobe’s accommodating nature.

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Celebrating the Kobe Port 150th Anniversary

Throughout the whole of 2017, events are being held to mark the 150th anniversary of the opening of the Port of Kobe. The celebrations are reaching a climax in July, with Marine Day being celebrated in style- impressive sailing ships from around Japan, and from Korea and Russia came to add flair to the occasion. The Kobe PR Ambassadors rode a ferry to meet the ships at sea on their way into port.

There are still many events planned and opportunities to enjoy the Kobe Port 150th Anniversary, so why not take this great chance to come to Kobe and enjoy everything the city has to offer?

Find out more about the #KobePort150 celebratory events here.

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Sweetcorn picking in Kobe

The word “Kobe” might bring to mind images of beautiful waterfront scenery, lush green mountains, succulent beef or cosmopolitan cityscapes, but the city has another string to its bow- many delicious fruits and vegetables such as strawberries, grapes, persimmons and sweetcorn are grown here. After just a short drive away from the city centre you will find yourself in the rolling countryside, peppered with Japanese-style buildings and rice fields, reminding you that you are in fact still in Japan.


It is there that you can try your hand at picking your own fruits and vegetables, and mid-July to early-August is the time for you to pick sweetcorn so sweet that you can eat it raw, right there and then in the field. You don’t get much fresher than that!

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Hiking and Kobe history

Stepping off the bullet train at Shin Kobe station, you may well be tempted to go straight out the doors and down to the subway, on to the well known destinations of Harborland and Chinatown before stopping for Kobe Beef. But if you love nature and hiking, and want to see incredibly beautiful sights, drop your bags in a locker and put your trainers on- you’re already at the start of your hike as soon as you leave the ticket gates.

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Life of Style: Why Kobe is the World’s Best Kept Fashion Lifestyle Secret

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only,” said Coco Chanel, “Fashion is in the sky, in the street… fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” Chanel would approve of Kobe.

150 years ago, when Japan opened its ports to the world, the government may never have dreamed that Kobe would become the chic, cosmopolitan city that it is today. Initially limiting the foreign settlement to one strictly defined area of Kobe, the idea was perhaps not to become a melting pot, but that is just what the city became when the sweet clash of east and west created the heavenly culture of Kobe. Patisseries and sushi shops, boutiques and antiques, tailors and kimono dressers all make their home together in this uniquely stylish city with a romantic atmosphere that is all its own.

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First Official Tour: Sunday 28th May 2017

On Saturday, May 28th 2017, the Kobe PR Ambassadors will go on their first tour- a guided tour around the Kobe Foreigners Cemetery near Futatabi Park. They will get there by hiking from Shin Kobe station, up past Nunobiki Falls and Gohonmatsu Dam, to arrive at Futatabi Park. After having lunch in stunning natural surroundings, they will enjoy hearing about the many historical non-Japanese people buried at the nearby Foreigners Cemetery, and the impact they had on Kobe. Their posts will surely reflect the wonderful nature and hiking experiences you can get in Kobe, as well as teach followers about the fascinating history of the city.

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Historical Figures Parade

This year marks the 150th Anniversary of the opening of the Port of Kobe, and to celebrate, a special event was back for the first time in 17 years for one day only on Friday 19th May 2017!

Tens of people of Kobe dressed up in the Historical Figures Parade as famous figures who shaped Kobe throughout the years, and Kobe PR Ambassadors Jose, Kristi and Sam donned costumes to play the roles of Eliza Talcott, Makar Goncharoff and John Cutting Berry.

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