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4th tour PRA 2018, Autumn Leaves at Zuihoji Temple

You may have oft heard that Japan has four seasons. Of course many other countries do too, but the sudden (and oh-so-brief) burst of autumn splendor between the sweltering island summer and freezing dry winter is like an oasis of optical bliss. No wonder, then, that we would take our PR Ambassadors to see the fantastic fall foliage in one of the best autumnal sightseeing spots in Kobe: Zuihoji Park in the Arima Onsen hot springs area. Thirteen of our ambassadors took many gorgeous photos of the stunning leaves in Zuihoji Park. They participated in an outdoor tea ceremony, in which they were able to enjoy delightful traditional Japanese snacks and learn the special way of turning the teacup before drinking the matcha green tea. The tea was suuuper bitter (no simple syrup or milk like you’d get at the coffee shop), but the intense sweetness of the confection paired well with it. Our ambassadors also had the chance to take a photo together with geisha and interact with the locals while nibbling on oden …

3rd tour PRA 2018, Kande Farm Village

When you hear “Kobe”, you think of a bustling city with Kobe beef around every corner, right? But Kobe also has a diverse agricultural industry that includes rice, fruits, and vegetables! Eleven of our PR Ambassadors went to Kande Village on October 14, the day of our third official PR Ambassador Tour in 2018. They gained an appreciation of how much work goes into farming by harvesting rice plants with traditional sickles and digging (giant) sweet potatoes out of the ground. And of course they got the chance to appreciate the fresh flavors of food straight from a farm by eating warm, handmade rice balls for lunch…and peeling mikans (mandarin oranges) they picked themselves at the orchard for dessert! *drool* For more information: Visit the Harvest Kobe Urban Agritourism site to learn more about what tasty tours you can go on! And if you know Japanese (or have a helpful Japanese-fluent friend), you can contact Kande Farm Village directly for information about the farms and facilities (including a farm-to-fork lunch buffet) in the area! Picture Gallery

2nd tour PRA 2018, Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

Have you heard of the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge? Connecting Awaji Island and Kobe as part of the Honshu-Shikoku Highway, the bridge stretches 3,911 meters and holds the title of longest suspension bridge in the world (and seventh-tallest!). On September 2, the day of the second official PR Ambassador Tour of 2018, twelve of our lovely PR Ambassadors visted this bridge 20 years after its completion. For more information: Visit the Akashi Kaikyo BRIDGE EXHIBITION CENTER (Japanese site) to learn about its history and construction! Make a reservation to go on the Bridge World Tour (Japanese/English site) yourself! Picture Gallery