Meet the 2018-2019 Kobe PR Ambassadors

Find the profiles and social media links to all the 2018-2019 Kobe PR Ambassadors here.


Glenn Brownglenn.jpg

English Teacher, Business Owner
From New Zealand
Facebook: /
Instagram: /
Likes: Reading, playing guitar, urban hiking, rugby




Bahram Enanloo

From Iran
Facebook: /?hl=ja
Instagram: /bahramenanloo
Likes: Nature, growing vegetables, herbs and rice.
Speaks  Farsi (Persian language)

Ymran FatihYmran.jpg

From Morocco
Facebook: /ymran.fatih
Instagram: /ymranfatih/
Likes: Reading manga and about history, watching anime, igo, karuta, soccoer
Speaks Arabic, French


Dominic FondeDominic.jpg

Artist (specialising in engraved and blown glass)
From UK
Facebook: /dominic.fonde

Instagram: /dominicfondeglass
Likes: Reading and watching science fiction, playing guitar, ukulele and mandolin, listening to music and going to concert, visiting museums and art galleries, walking, bird watching


Sedonna HowSedonna.jpg

Assistant Language Teacher
From Malaysia
Facebook: /
Instagram: /sedonna how
Likes: Travel, rock climbing, paiting
Speaks Chinese (Mandarin&Cantonese) and Malay(Mandarin&Cantonese) and Malay


Tamara InaokaTamara

From Poland
Facebook: /tamarareila
Instagram: //gaijinwifepl
Likes: Squba diving, travel, karaoke, cooking and reading
Speaks Polish, and learning German and Turkish



Priyanka JhaveriPriyanka.jpg

Works as Digital Marketing Manager
From India
Facebook: /priyanka.jhaveri
Instagram: /priyanka821
Likes: travel, cultural experiences, reading, hiking, yoga, food


Kristi KeoughanKristi.jpg

From the USA
Facebook: /kristikeoughanbonnier
Instagram: /keoughan
Twitter: @keoughan
Likes: Snow skiing, waterskiing, boating, hiking, running, yoga, the arts


Vesna Lavtizar

JSPS postdoctoral fellow/researcher
From Republic of Slovenia
Facebook: /visje.lavtizar
Likes: Sightseeing, meeting friends, hiking, jogging, riding a bike, cooking, teaching and giving lectures about environment, volunteering
Speaks Slovenian, basic German


Sarah LeckSarah.jpg

Assistant Language Teacher
From Singapore
Facebook: /whatsarahsaid
Instagram: /srhleck
Twitter: @srhlck
Likes: Sports, music, photography, travel
Speaks Mandarin Chinese


JenniferJennifer Li

Assistant Language Teacher
From the USA
Facebook: /jennnnli
Instagram: /jennliphotography
Website: /
Likes: Music, reading, playing pool, playing piano
Speaks Chinese

Betsy Linehan-SkillingsBetsy.jpg

Assistant Language Teacher
From the USA
Facebook: /betsy.linehanskillings
Likes: Dancing, cafes, coffee, hiking, shrines and temples, photography



Sophie LutzSophie.jpg

Assistant Language Teacher
From the USA
Facebook: /sophie.lutz
Instagram: /sophie_lutz/?hl=ja
Likes: Suma, coffee, cafes, sweets, travelling



Adetra MartinAdetra.jpg

From the UK
Facebook: /Adetra.Quay
Instagram: /curlykinkyfro/?hl=en
Twitter: @CurlyFroQuay
Likes: Reading and volunteering


Kevin MartinKevin.jpg

Works as Engineering Manager
From the USA
Facebook: /627332614
Likes: Reading, travel, photography





Jappy Molina

Assistant Language Teacher
From Republic of the Phillipines
Facebook: /molinajappy
Instagram: /jappymolina/?hl=en
Likes: Travel, blogging, photography
Speaks Tagalog/Filipino


Sam RamdaniSam.jpg

Assistant Language Teacher
From Canada
Facebook: /sramdani
Instagram: /samirpierre

Likes: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, guitar, drinking


Paramjeet SinghprasongParamjeet.jpg

Part-Time Director and Saturday School Teacher
From Thailand
Facebook: /paramjeet.s
Instagram: /paramjeet_pam
Twitter: @PamKBajaj
Likes: Singing, vegan/vegetarian cooking, photography, modelling
Speaks Thai, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu

Quote: “Kobe leaves a trail of beauty every season! Be it the sakura, tulips, roses, hydrangeas, colorful autumn leaves, & scenic snowcapped mountains to name a few!”

Rose Tanasugarnrose.jpg

Works in Hotel sales
From the USA
Facebook: /BigRedRose1990
Instagram: /BigRedRose1990
Twitter: @RoseKPHJapan
Likes: Volunteer activities, photography, travel, dining, sports

Georgia TrohaGeorgia.jpg

English teacher
From the USA
Facebook: /georgia.t.troha
Instagram: /jyojiat
Likes: Hiking, Mt.Rokko and Mt.Atago, rock climbing and trekking through snow, rhythm games, foreign languages, animals, karaoke
Speaks French

Soren Umstotsoren.jpg

Assistant Language Teacher
From the USA
Facebook: /soren.umstot
Instagram: /sorenovercali
Twitter: @sorenovercali
Likes: Travel, snowboarding, beach, local bars and izakayas




Joost van Borrendam

From the Netherlands
Facebook: /IamXploring360
Instagram: /x.ploring_360

Likes: Running (long distance), cycling and 360-photography
Speaks Dutch

Eva VedernikovaEva.jpg

Work as Business Director
From Russia
Facebook: /applesforeva
Instagram: /appleforeva/
Likes: Photography, rock music, stories writing and telling
Speaks Russian


Simon YatesSimon.jpg

Business English Trainer
From the UK
Facebook: /kansaimon
Instagram: /kansaimon
Twitter: @kansaimon
Likes: Guitar playing, running



Natalia YukhnenkoNatalia.jpg

From Russia/tali_yu
Facebook: /Tasha.Yukhnenko
Instagram: /tali_yu
Twitter: @tali_japan
Likes: Travelling, learning foreign languages, occasional hiking and jogging, cooking, photography, reading
Speaks Russian and Mandarin Chinese