Meet the 2017-2018 Kobe PR Ambassadors

Find the profiles and social media links to all the 2017-2018 Kobe PR Ambassadors here.

Sho AbbottIMG_3060

Assistant Language Teacher
From Australia
Facebook: /
Instagram: /sho_abbott
Twitter: @mistersho
Likes: Calligraphy, photography, cooking, fashion

Bruna BajramovicIMG_7953

From Bosnia Herzegovina
Facebook: /bruna.anurb.35
Likes: Travelling, photography, sketching, dancing, karate
Speaks Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian

Khushboo Bansalkhushboo 1

Student (PhD candidate)
From India
Facebook: /alwzkhush4
Likes: Travelling, dancing, reading, writing, acting and theatre
Speaks Hindi

Quote: ““Walking down the Kobe streets is like rhythmic swinging between tradition and modernity”

Jose BoddenIMG_8556

From the Dominican Republic
Facebook: /josedavidbodden
Instagram: /josebodden
Twitter: @josebodden
Likes: Travelling, cultural activities and events, cycling, listening to music
Speaks Spanish

Andi DeanIMG_0862

Assistant Language Teacher
From the USA
Facebook: /andimariedean
Instagram: /andigramxo
Twitter: @anditweetxo
Snapchat: andimdean
Likes: Photography, social media, live music, fashion, travel

Karin ErguevenKarin Ergueven

Student/Freelance Model/Language Teacher/Personal Consultant
From Germany
Facebook: /karinergueven
Instagram: /chechenka_in_japan
Likes: Suma beach, arts, travel, cooking, studying languages, drawing manga
Speaks German, Turkish, French, Chechen

Quote: “Classy, Cosmopolitan, Colorful – Kobe!”

Epi EsperanzaIMG_8062

Assistant Language Teacher
From the USA
Facebook: /epiesperanzaofficial
Instagram: /epiesperanza
Twitter: @msepiesperanza
Youtube: @epilandia
Likes: travel, singing, photography, tennis, reading, studying languages, hiking, jogging, fashion
Speaks Spanish and Italian

Quote: Dear Kobe, my town,
Green mountains, red port, blue sea,
White pearls. Love, Epi

Ramadhani KatundaRamadhani

From Tanzania
Facebook: /rkatunda
Instagram: /rama_katunda
Twitter: @xxrama
Likes: Soccer, kickboxing, rugby, cooking, travelling, reading
Speaks Swahili

Kristi Keoughankristi keoughan samurai warrior

From the USA
Facebook: /kristikeoughanbonnier
Instagram: /keoughan
Twitter: @keoughan
Likes: Snow skiing, waterskiing, boating, hiking, running, yoga, the arts

Judith LaFaverDSC_0800

Assistant Language Teacher
From the USA
Facebook: /Judith.lafavergourdie
Instagram: /judyrudy
Twitter: @judyrudy11
Likes: Cooking , Japanese culture, travelling

Sarah LeckProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset

Assistant Language Teacher
From Singapore
Facebook: /whatsarahsaid
Instagram: /srhleck
Twitter: @srhlck
Likes: Sports, music, photography, travel
Speaks Mandarin Chinese

Sophie LutzSophie Lutz PRA

Assistant Language Teacher
From the USA
Facebook: /sophie.lutz
Instagram: /sophie_lutz
Likes: Suma, coffee, cafes, sweets, travelling

Ann-Loy MorganIMG_7092

English Teacher
From Jamaica
Instagram: /yolnna
Twitter: @wonderosa
Likes: Cooking, visiting museums, photography
Speaks Jamaican Creole

Richard Mortkobepic2

Self-employed translator, editor, writer
From the UK
Facebook: /tokyogreeneyes
Instagram: /koberichm
Twitter: @koberichtea
Likes: Kitano, cycling, tea and cake, meeting people, language and culture
Speaks French and German

Quote: “Full of fire… for Kobe full power!”

Jessika Pavloff-DuffyFB_IMG_1470496769653

Assistant Language Teacher
From the USA
Facebook: /tokyoai
Instagram: /pok_e_jess
Twitter: @DougaMe
YouTube: /UCqYA-p0GAsCihfkrlNuwogw
Likes:Reading, writing, drawing, travelling, photography, videography

Sam RamdaniIMG_1378

Assistant Language Teacher
From Canada
Facebook: /sramdani
Instagram: /samirpierre
Twitter: /SamPRamdani
YouTube: /ttyger
Likes: Shinkaichi, jiujitsu, guitar, cooking

Quote: “If Kobe were a girl, I’d kiss her on the cheek.”

Robin ShawIMG_5557

Writer, Editor, Freelance Reporter, Photographer
From the USA
Facebook: /
Instagram: /happyrobinshaw
Twitter: @happyrobinshaw
Likes: Shopping, reading, writing, photography

Paramjeet SinghprasongIMG_20161204_180814

Part-Time Director and Saturday School Teacher
From Thailand
Facebook: /paramjeet.s
Instagram: /paramjeet_pam
Twitter: @PamKBajaj
Likes: Singing, vegan/vegetarian cooking, photography, modelling
Speaks Thai, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu

Quote: “Kobe leaves a trail of beauty every season! Be it the sakura, tulips, roses, hydrangeas, colorful autumn leaves, & scenic snowcapped mountains to name a few!”

Ike Taechanarongcrop12963897_10154168091287783_186861881622539531_n - コピー

Bar/restaurant owner
From the USA
Facebook: /ike.taechanarong
Likes: Cooking, playing sports, playing guitar, reading and traveling
Speaks Thai

Melody TaiProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

English teacher
From Hong Kong
Facebook: /skipdancing
Instagram: /mellowellos
Twitter: @skipdancing
Likes: Travel, making friends, reading, music, eating, street photography
Speaks Mandarin Chinese

Rose TanasugarnRoseTanasugarn

Works in Hotel sales
From the USA
Facebook: /BigRedRose1990
Instagram: /BigRedRose1990
Twitter: @RoseKPHJapan
Likes: Volunteer activities, photography, travel, dining, sports

Quote: “Kobe is an ethnic food lover’s paradise with restaurants representing cuisines from all around the world.”

Soren UmstotSoren Vissel Kobe crop

Assistant Language Teacher
From the USA
Facebook: /soren.umstot
Instagram: /sorenovercali
Twitter: @sorenovercali
Likes: Travel, hiking, slacklining, beach, swimming


Simon YatesSimon Yates

Business English Trainer
From the UK
Facebook: /kansaimon
Instagram: /kansaimon
Twitter: @kansaimon
Likes: Guitar playing, running

Hyungsuk YoonPic_1

From Korea
Facebook: /hyungsuk.yoon.9
Instagram: /hyungyo2
Likes: Sports, running, jiujitsu, surfing
Speaks Korean

Natalia YukhnenkoDCIM103GOPROG0753362.

From Russia
Facebook: /Tasha.Yukhnenko
Instagram: /tali_yu
Likes: Travelling, learning foreign languages, occasional hiking and jogging, cooking, photography, reading

Speaks Russian and Mandarin Chinese