Fourth PR Ambassador Tour Report, 21st January 2017

In the last tour of the 2016-2017 Kobe PR Ambassador year, the Kobe PR Ambassadors visited Arima to promote the area, which of course is famous for its hot springs, but which also has much more to offer.

Places visited/activities

Mitsumori, the shop said to have created the original Tansan Senbei, a traditional Arima speciality
Cafe Ito, meeting and taking photos with Geiko (Geisha), enjoying green tea and Japanese sweets, and seeing Geiko dance
Arima Toy and Automata Museum, enjoying traditional wooden toys and automata
Optional visit to Kin no Yu hot springs

Kobe PR Ambassador Arima tourTansan senbei shop

On the first stop of the tour, the Kobe PR Ambassadors visited a shop called Mitsumori, which has over 120 years of history and is said to be the first shop to produce “tansan senbei”, a wafer-like speciality of the area.
“Tansan” means carbonated, and it has this name as the water used to make them was carbonated. As time passed, the water lost its carbonation, but they have kept their old name.

Kobe PR Ambassador Arima tourGeisha cafe “Ito”

The next stop on the tour was the cafe “Ito”, a special place where customers can enjoy being served by geiko (the Kansai term for “geisha”). The Kobe PR Ambassadors tried green tea and delicate Japanese sweets as they spoke with the geiko, and then enjoyed a dance performance. Some lucky people also came up on stage and tried a game usually played at dinner parties.

Kobe PR Ambassador Arima tourArima Toys and Automata Museum

Next, the Kobe PR Ambassadors were delighted by the Arima Toys and Automata Museum. A very detailed train set, retro toys, nutcrackers, charming wooden toys, fascinating automata and more grabbed and held the attention of PR Ambassadors of all ages.

Kobe PR Ambassador Arima tourKin no Yu hot springs

Of course, a visit to Arima is not complete without a chance to have a dip in the hot springs. Kin no Yu water is a brown colour, and holds many vitamins and minerals. Kobe PR Ambassadors enjoyed their dip, which not only soaked away their aches, but also left their skin feeling smooth and refreshed.

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