Second PR Ambassador Tour Report, 24th July 2016

Summer in Kobe: Suma Aqualife Park

The second official PR Ambassador Tour took the 10 participating PR Ambassadors to Suma, where they enjoyed interacting with a range of wildlife at Suma Aqualife Park and the Suma Dolphin Coast.

Places visited/activities
Behind the scenes tour of Suma Aqualife Park
Talk with Mr. Oshika
Suma dolphin coast
Touching seals
Feeding penguins
Live fish performance
Suma Aqua Illuminage
Projection mapping dolphin show

2nd PR Ambassador TourBehind the scenes tour of Suma Aqualife Park

The Kobe PR Ambassadors took a special look through the “staff only” door to see areas usually closed to the public. They learned about the day-to-day running of the aquarium such as how the tanks work, how the animals are fed, and how ill fish are treated by taking a look at where all these things happen.

2nd PR Ambassador TourTalk with Mr. Oshika

Mr. Oshika is the Curator of the Rearing and Exhibition Department at Suma Aqualife Park. He answered PR Ambassadors’ questions about his experience at the aquarium during the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, how to start a career in aquarium keeping, and about the aquarium’s potential as a unique event venue.

2nd PR Ambassador TourSuma Dolphin Coast

PR Ambassadors felt the sand under their toes on Suma beach, where they got up close to dolphins in the Suma Dolphin Coast project. The PR Ambassadors were interested to find out how the dolphins love to have fun chasing fish and coming up close to the shore.

2nd PR Ambassador TourTouching seals and feeding penguins

This part of the tour gave the PR Ambassadors a great social media profile picture opportunity, as they had their photos taken with a spotted seal. Afterwards, each PR Ambassador fed fish to the Park’s Magellanic penguins, and asked the keeper many questions about the adorable animals.

2nd PR Ambassador TourLive fish performance

The PR Ambassadors could be enthralled at the Live Fish Show, seeing the notorious Amazonian candiru eat the insides of their prey, getting up close to Julia the crocodile eat her dinner, and seeing an electric eel’s 500 volts on a meter as it feeds. PR Specialist Louise Dendy was called up to the front to experience just 1% of the shock, and even that was enough to leave her with tingly fingers!

2nd PR Ambassador TourSuma Aqua Illuminage

After sunset, the Park took on a different look altogether and transformed into a Hawaiian wonderland of lights. The PR Ambassadors tried the Hawaiian drinks and foods on offer and enjoyed exploring the tropical-themed illuminations.

2nd PR Ambassador TourProjection mapping dolphin show

Projection mapping brought another dimension to the dolphin show, and the PR Ambassadors were fascinated to see the dolphins perform to a spectacular backdrop, with a variety of scenes ranging from Hawaii to deep space. The show proved to be an impressive end to a busy day.

Kobe PR Ambassador photos and videos