Third PR Ambassador Tour Report, 1st October 2016

Kobe Gourmet- Sweets and Sake

161001 Kobe PR Ambassador TourIn the third tour, the PR Ambassadors got a taste of Kobe’s gourmet! They had a special early experience of the Higashinada Sweets Meguri (starting October 15th), and were transported in their very own Higashinada Sweets Meguri bus. They also got a behind the scenes look at the Hakutsuru Brewery’s factory and tried out their delicious sake.


Places visited/activities

Higashinada Sweets Meguri participating shops (12 of 42):

Rice flour cookies store J. Briller
Japanese tea cafe Hitohi
La Casa
Mikage Takasugi
Symphony Nagano
Cozy Cafe
Kobe Chiffon
Leonidas/Gateaux et Moi
Kobe Tea

Hakutsuru Brewery factory tour and tasting

Higashinada Sweets Meguri

PR Ambassadors were split into 3 groups and warmly welcomed into 12 of the 42 Higashinada Sweets Meguri shops, where they had several experiences such as tasting delicious cakes, pancakes and macarons, seeing first hand how sweet treats are made, and even making their own desserts!

161001 Kobe PR Ambassador TourRice flour cookies store J. Briller

PR Ambassadors Sarah and Sam learned about the cookie making process, tried out the matcha cookies, and tried their hand at making their own.

161001 Kobe PR Ambassador TourJapanese tea cafe Hitohi

Next, Sam and Sarah visited Hitohi and tried their delicious shaved ice, served with a tangy but sweet orange and sweet potato topping.

161001 Kobe PR Ambassador TourLa Casa

At La Casa, PR Ambassadors Sam and Sarah tried delicious fluffy pancakes topped with fig and chocolate sauce.

161001 Kobe PR Ambassador TourMikage Takasugi

At Takasugi, they tried a dessert of light pastry and fresh fruit.

161001 Kobe PR Ambassador TourTokiwado

At Tokiwado, PR Ambassadors Shika and Glenn saw first hand how the master confectioner created delicate Japanese sweets, or “wagashi”.

161001 Kobe PR Ambassador TourSymphony Nagano

Next at Symphony Nagano, Shika and Glenn saw beautiful cakes being made, and took many photos of the ones that had been specially prepared for them.

161001 Kobe PR Ambassador TourCozy Cafe

Next, they were joined by Collin and visited Cozy Cafe, where they enjoyed the cosy atmosphere and delicious sweets.

161001 Kobe PR Ambassador TourMikage Yamate Roll

For their last stop, Glenn, Collin and Shika marveled at the store’s exquisite roll cakes and enjoyed seeing the chefs creating them before their eyes.

161001 Kobe PR Ambassador TourCassalade

PR Ambassadors Epi and Jose first stopped off at Cassalade, who specialise in cheesecake. Every year they create a new dessert for the Higashinada Sweets Meguri in collaboration with Fukuju, the local sake which was served at a Nobel Prize Winner’s banquet.

161001 Kobe PR Ambassador TourKobe Chiffon

Epi and Jose tried many varieties of Kobe Chiffon’s chiffon cake, as well as their own vanilla tea. The store prides itself on its all-organic ingredients and freshly ground coffee.

161001 Kobe PR Ambassador TourLeonidas/Gateaux et Moi

This shop consists of two sections- one part, a belgian chocolaterie (Leonidas), the other, a shop selling baked goods (Gateaux et Moi). Epi and Jose loved Gateaux et Moi’s macarons, including an umeboshi (plum) flavoured one inspired by the local area’s famous plum trees.

161001 Kobe PR Ambassador TourKobe Tea

At Kobe Tea, Epi and Jose tried the store’s fruit tea, made to order with freshly cut kiwi, orange, apples and more.

Hakutsuru Brewery

161001 Kobe PR Ambassador TourFactory Tour

The PR Ambassadors were reunited for the Hakutsuru factory tour, led by the head of the factory. They were fascinated to learn about the types of rice used, and that rice with no taste makes the best sake. They had a special chance to go behind the scenes and visit places not usually open to the public, such as the room where huge tanks of bubbling rice were fermenting.

161001 Kobe PR Ambassador TourSake Tasting

To end the tour, the PR Ambassadors tried many varieties of Hakutsuru’s products, such as the Daiginjo (top class) sake, Umeshu plum wine, and even a frozen sake drink.

Kobe PR AmbassadorsAn interesting and delicious day was had by all!

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